Monday, July 21, 2014

The World is Your Oyster

We race through our lives, silently…. repeatedly walking into the fire, treading daily thru vast mine fields, surrounded by interruptions and yes, armed sometimes solely by our delusions. All the while the challenge is to remain focused. 

To continue forward thinking. To be creative and constructive. To get in there and open things up. To discover the pearls. To learn a lot. To explore eternally and enjoy profoundly….repeatedly. 

To exhaust and relinquish ourselves…. repeatedly.

Ignite the spark, creating tall flames that in turn prevent poverty of the mind. So what if we submit to fear and sadness once in a while… run thru it to the other side. 

We are limitless if we so choose. Let the answer to all your questions always be YES, Absolutely. YES will guide you to the magic!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Organic Experiments

Organic Experiments

 There is nothing more beautiful to me than that which can be found in the natural world. Sheer, raw…. perfectly flawed beauty.
 Freshly cooled molten lava and what once was wood that gradually turned to stone, petrifying over millions of years…. re-imagined, re-created, re-cast in dyed resin.
 Quartz crystals formerly hung from the ceiling of a cave… can you tell which one is real and which is resin?
 They both are resin (the natural ones are in the background!)

  And one last piece, something absolutely magical Hemimorphite (Ore of Zinc) cast in my favorite color… turquoise (it's the smaller chunk on top). All especially cast to mimic and honor mother nature.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

where women create BUSINESS

where women create BUSINESS
For all of you jewelry lovers and entrepreneur's be sure to check out the newest issue of where women create BUSINESS it is an especially interesting issue!
Gina Riley's (of Rebel Designs) business tips are very insightful!

Thursday, June 5, 2014


I want to share something that has truly reminded me that CREATING ART is a liberty we may sometimes take for granted. It's something we don't have to ask for, or need permission to do. We can create anytime we want… we are lucky. So fortunate we don't even appreciate it at times…. I know I am guilty of that too.
As many of you know I curate the WHERE WOMEN CREATE column CREATIVE RITUALS, several months back I contacted a wonderful clay artist named Nika Htozkaya about being featured in the column. We were moving forward when suddenly all communication with her stopped, below is the actual email I received from her yesterday:

Hello Sandra,

Sorry for a long silence, but due to tragical events in my country I can’t participate in such a great idea now. It’s a real war in the region I live in, I hope some day there will be peace and I could be back to work creating.
I volunteer as a psychologist now as it is my first profession and really see that it is helpful. Two months ago I created a small organization to help people psychologically injured with war, so at least fifty percent of my time and money goes into that endeavor. Hope in a few weeks my organization won’t be so vitally needed.


This wonderfully talented artist lives and creates in Kyiv, Ukraine and maybe thats just an anonymous place most have only heard about on the news but the reality is we are all truly connected in ways we may not even be aware of. Create every opportunity you get…. don't ever take that freedom for granted. Simply by engaging in the constructive act of creativity we are fighting destructive acts and for our right to live in a happy, peaceful world while making a very important contribution to our society as a whole. In Nika's floral words, "Have a Good Day!" Please share this message with as many people as you can…. because we can and maybe, just maybe we can make a difference even if it is in a small way by showing the love we have in our hearts for each other!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


 Have you seen the latest issue of WHERE WOMEN CREATE?!!
 I am particularly enamored with the artist featured in the CREATIVE RITUALS column that I curate… Sabine Herrmann.
Her company's name is PLANTILLO for reasons that are readily parent!!! Love, Love, Love her work!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Art is Important

 When the pressure gets really intense its good to let off a little steam…. as an artist it just makes sense to push aside a few deadlines and have a bit of fun.
 Shhh…. don't tell! 
 Playing and experimenting with resin to form simple shapes, 
 resulting in different, wonderful degrees of opacity,
 fascinating luminosity, subtle texture and
luscious muted tones creating interesting objects of curiosity (my favorite type of objects - the curious ones….) 
Art is Important.
Art is Honest.
Art is Passion.
Art is Pure and All Encompassing.
Art is Not to be Deciphered, just Enjoyed!

Considering Drops of Jupiter: Resin set in vintage tarnished store stock brass ring shanks.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Magnolia Pearl A Love Story

 Life can be funny, it is easy to receive great joys and the richness of simplicity merely by humbling yourself to any given moment… such as love at first sight.
  Recently while roaming the streets of Austin attending a local art show wearing my favorite Magnolia Pearl duds I was actually stopped by several women who all asked the same question "Where did I get my outfit?" 
 One woman shouted "Oh! I am in love!" with great admiration in her voice and immediately proceeded to touch the fabric making sure to mention she was an extremely "tactile" person, stating "I see better with my hands…" It made me stop and think… yes, I am too. 
 I so love Robin Brown's designs. Everything is created with romance in mind. I think the reason Magnolia Pearl clothing triggers such a huge, palpable reaction in so many women is because most of us are ardent romantics at heart… all the way to the core.
 It is an undeniable fact that beautiful clothes can transform a person and how they feel about themselves. Robin possesses the capability of capturing the true essence of a woman's heart. 
Among other things I use my computer to transport my messages across time and space to share with you, Robin chases rainbows weaving wondrous garments out of moonbeams, she constructs day dreams in linens and spins stories in lace all the while existing with one foot in this world and the other in a magical world of her own creation.
 As an artist exposing your work to the world to be judged can be intimidating. When I put my Magnolia Pearl armor on I can go about my merry way feeling less vulnerable and ready to rule the world or at least my little corner of it anyway!
  Choosing artisan wardrobe allows you to live like an artist… comfortable in your own skin and with others eyes upon you. 
Thank you Robin, you are a generous soul who is truly blessed with a servants heart to be so devoted to creating such beauty. Thank you for sharing your lovely Magnolia Pearl world with us! 

Featured Garments: Hand woven European Linen Binky Tank with Ruffles & Tie in Juniper Stripe. Hand woven European Linen Edlyn Bloomers with shearing waist & legs in Juniper Stripe. Linen AnaKarina Crop Top with Drawstring Neckline & Long Sleeves in Buckwheat Cream. 

Photo Credits: Kim Yarbrough

A Very Special Thank You to Jo Packham!